When Healthy Food is Just Plain WRONG

By - liz
12.04.18 04:25 AM
  healthy food People often ask me why they aren't losing weight even when they are eating healthy food. Well, most times, it's simply because they are choosing the WRONG foods.

And YES, these include fruits and vegetables! If you're eating ANY of these WRONG foods, it could be the difference between losing 20 lbs quickly... or staring at your scale in frustration.

When you think about it that way, you'll want to be sure you are not eating ANY of these foods. Just what ARE they?  Read on.

"Healthy food" can be a confusing topic. Foods which are grown organically are considered to be healthier than those subjected to pesticides. Wild-caught fish is healthier than many farm-raised fish. Fresh vegetables are healthier than ones that have been sitting around. Food that is free of additives is healthier. However, there is more to "healthy" than that. A food that is "HEALTHY" can still be "WRONG."

Take milk, for example. Many diets rely on yogurt, cottage cheese and skim milk. "Jane" came from a family of dairy farmers, so she drank milk. Yet, she suffered with sinus headaches, acne and a chronic post-nasal drip. No one made the connection to a dairy sensitivity. And she could not lose weight! Eliminating dairy from her diet allowed "Jane" to lose the weight AND  eliminated her runny nose and chronic sinus headaches.

Like milk, there are other “healthy” foods that may be holding your health hostage. In short, while they may be "healthy" for some people, they may be WRONG for you. Many years ago, I discovered a wonderful book called It’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat by the Mandells. In following their rigorous elimination diet, I discovered that mushrooms made me ravenous! I wanted to eat everything in sight. I discovered that salad dressings upset my stomach, as did apples! No wonder I felt so awful eating salads! Mushrooms, apples and vinegar were WRONG for me.

Food sensitivities are related to blood type. Read Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Eat Right 4 Your Type. Type O’s do not do well with vinegar (another so-called "healthy" food). Type O’s do best on simple Paleo-type diets of red meats and dark greens. Their systems don't digest the beans and legumes that are the staple of most vegetarian diets. They do not tolerate grains either.  Like "Ron"....

"Ron" thought he was eating "healthy" with his breakfast of orange juice, Great Grains cereal and skim milk. He was always in agony. He lived on Zantac to deal with the burning in his stomach.  When he switched to having eggs for breakfast and stopped drinking orange juice, the agony ended. So did his achy joints.

On the other hand,  "Kathy" had no idea that she had a sensitivity to eggs. When she cut them from her diet, she lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks without even trying. When she later tried some scrambled eggs, she became so sleepy she nearly passed out.

"Cindi", a Type A, thrived as a vegetarian. While you might think that this meant she could eat all kinds of vegetables, she found that nightshades, corn, avocado and cabbage were WRONG for her.  She could not stand the smell or taste of bananas! They were WRONG for her.

When you choose a WRONG food, your body cannot digest it. This sets up a starvation response provoking a vicious cycle. Acne can be a sign of poor digestion, by the way. Many of us are over-fed and starving at the same time. You must have the right USABLE nutrients or your body stays hungry. As your cells are starving, you keep eating!

WRONG foods are toxic to your body.  This means that your body cannot process that particular food and usually has an adverse reaction to it. WRONG foods can provoke hunger!

Some other effects of WRONG food:

  1. Stuffy nose, bloating, rashes, post-nasal drip, sneezing, achy joints, water retention, hunger, excess ear wax and sleepiness.
  2. Sometimes the reaction is more severe, like chronic indigestion, heartburn or even life-threatening anaphylactic shock.
  3. Insulin resistance and weight gain.

​​​​​​​Here's a list of foods which can be WRONG for many people:

  1. Grains- not just Gluten: inflammation
  2. Soy: inflammation by messing with hormones and thyroid
  3. Dairy: inflammation, congestion
  4. Eggs: inflammation, gas, bloating
  5. Corn: inflammation,  high-glycemic, spikes blood sugar levels
  6. Peanuts: legendary for causing bad reactions.
  7. Nightshade Family Vegetables: inflammation in joints, hives
  8. Citrus Fruits: can cause mouth sores and indigestion
  9. Many herbs, spices and condiments: sneezing,burning sensation, indigestion,thirst
I would add to this list MSG (monosodium glutamate) and free glutamates. These things show up in 80% of processed food, producing an invisible prison of addiction. MSG excites the brain’s fat production program. In lab rats, it is well documented that MSG induces obesity! MSG is WRONG for everybody!

The results of eliminating WRONG foods can be astonishing and miraculous. Like "Bill", a Type A, who had been struggling to lose weight. He lost 17 pounds in a few weeks when he switched from his usual gin cocktail to red wine.

How can you tell when a "healthy" food is WRONG for you?

Have a closer look at the list of symptoms. If you are suffering from any of them, chances are that you are eating a WRONG food. To find out which foods may be WRONG for your body, check out Dr. D’Adamo’s book or, get an ALCAT test. This is a comprehensive Food Panel that is based on a blood sample. Consult your doctor or go online to get this test.

Better yet, learn to use kinesiology (muscle testing) to test foods and condiments on the spot. You can learn about kinesiology when you book a Diet Freedom Discovery Call !

The next time you see a headline about a MIRACLE FOOD or DIET, take it with a grain of salt!