Half Full, Half Empty and Your Health

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When you read those two words, what comes to mind? For me, it’s pots full of colorful flowers, walks on the beach, swims in the ocean, fresh producegrown locally, and time spent with friends outside for drinks and food. Why? Because the glass is refillable!

Summer seems designed to de-stress us ...

He Said- “It’s OK, I’m Catholic, too.”

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My client choked out these words, tears streaming down her face. It had been over 30 years and she had never been able to forget the shock of the experience. This was the afternoon in her freshman year that the formerly polite exchange student from Spain had pinned her down on his bed and attempted ...

Everything You Need To Know About Sweeteners

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Everything You Need To Know About Sweeteners When you have a book called  Your Amazing Itty Bitty Diet Free Weight Loss Book, you get a lot of questions about the sweet stuff! The one I get asked most often is, “Which sweeteners can I use?” While artificial sweeteners like Splenda, saccha...

Edit Often and Make Room in Your Life

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edit your life

Edit Often. Your life story, money story, career story, love story…. body story, food story…

I just love my friend Kelly Epperson’s (now Simmons) posts. She is one of the funniest, kindest and wisest people I know. So, this month, I am sharing her post which really resonated with me. It has so many ...

A Positive Holiday Outlook is Healthier in Many Ways

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holiday grumpies


This totally describes a dear friend's mood when the holidays roll around.  Every year... he could easily be a stand-in for the Grinch. Bah-humbug! He gets really grumpy! The mere mention of hanging lights and decorations... grrrrr!!!! and double Bah-humbug!!! OK... maybe WWIII.... ...
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