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The Truth about Pure Fruit Juice

08.11.18 06:18 PM By liz - Comment(s)

pure fruit juice

THEY say... It’s pure fruit juice, so it’s good for us, it's good for our kids, right?


Juice is actually a drink made of pure liquid sugar... in this case fructose. So, in spite of the fact that you or your children may be drinking a drink that says “100% pure fruit juice,” it may as well say...

When Healthy Food is Just Plain WRONG

12.04.18 04:25 AM By liz - Comment(s)
  healthy food People often ask me why they aren't losing weight even when they are eating healthy food. Well, most times, it's simply because they are choosing the WRONG foods.

And YES, these include fruits and vegetables! If you're eating ANY of these WRONG foods, it could be the difference between los...